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Bussinessman in Modern Office

Media exposure that yield results

With our creativity, expertise, professionalism, and seniority,

We'll make sure your customers see you the way you want.

Strategic consulting has now become the main partner in the marketing and advertising activities of any company / organization / brand and is the most effective and cost-effective marketing method.

A properly constructed strategy will lead to a targeted tactical plan that will promote a winning brand and a glamorous image for the organization, as well as motivate the target audiences to action.

PR strategy & Crises management


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What Clients say

Professor David Pasig,
Futaran, Bar-Ilan


""Boaz is a man with a heart and a sincere concern for strategic needs. A person with heart and care that assist in devising strategy for many needs."

Oren Ben Yosef,
CEO, Safari

"Boaz is an excellent professional and consultant when it comes to communicating in times of crisis. As someone who has worked with him several times in several places - highly recommend."

 Iris Barel, VP

Advertising Agency 

"Boaz Liberman demonstrated initiative, diligence, tenacity, creativity and leadership in his work, which made it possible to move the process forward, initiate, and reach results." 

Sapir Peretz,
Editor at Globes &


"Boaz Liberman is a veteran & experienced PR person. Understands interest & knows how to market and prism his customers in a professional and clean manner. I got to work with him as part of my work as a journalist for the economic newspaper Globes for 16 years and now as part of my job as editor-in-chief of the tourism and aviation magazines PassportNews."

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Phone:  +972-54-494-0000


42b Ha'atzmaut St.,

4678954 Herzelia Israel


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