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For every time and for every object under heaven, a time for whispers and a time to speak" (Ecclesiastes 3:7)

Every crisis is an opportunity for growth

Why is it important
to manage a media crisis?

A media crisis can lead to the complete collapse of the organization. The process of managing a media crisis is a complex process, and within its framework, there is a great importance to each and every step. What is the speed of response? As part of the initial exposure of the allegations made against the organization. Has the organization already managed to formulate a response that is published alongside the allegations made against it?

Does this response contain comprehensive and accurate information about the degree of responsibility that the organization assumes for the failures for which it is accused, and how does it express empathy and a desire to improve the situation of the victims?


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The first hours are critical, and they are the ones that will determine the nature of media coverage. They are the ones which will decide the extent of damage that will be caused to the organization in terms of image and business.

Are you in a media crisis?
Call us, we can help you

We will quickly and efficiently study the nature of the crisis and the set of interests of the organization.

We will build the right narrative for the organization to lead the crisis

We will formulate a basket of relevant messages and create appropriate media coverage.

We will analyze in real time the chain of events of the crisis and assess with great professionalism what is its potential damage.

We will take quick actions to lower the fire directed at the organization.

We will lead the crisis as an opportunity for empowerment and growth of the organization.

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