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Who we are

תמונה של בועז ליברמן

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The company's CEO - Mr. Boaz Liberman, is an expert in strategy and crisis management who knows how to provide the organization and its head with full proactive and active strategic support, as well as lead the organization's media strategy and manage crises with great success. A senior communications consultant who has been working for more than 30 years in the field of communications consulting, crisis management, public relations and Spokesmanship. He has served for many years as a senior strategic and media consultant to dozens of leading entities, companies and associations in the Israeli economy. Liberman has strong personal ties with senior officials in the government, in the business world in Israel, in the world and in the media.


Wall of ideas

Our organizational philosophy is based on studying and analyzing the client's media profile, outlining the modes of action to position its image and operating it in the various media. According to this concept, proper operation and work vis-à-vis the media, and the combination of the strategy and its implementation in the field, will lead to branding and shaping the desired image in the written and electronic media, the social media, and as a result – in the mind of the target audience.

Our areas of expertise that can help you

Our company deals with media-strategic consulting, branding through media exposure, building an image and brand, public relations, Spokesmanship, crisis management, managing commercial campaigns and campaigns vis-à-vis the public-political system, and more. Our significant ability is understanding the customer's current marketing and sales requirements and providing them with unique solutions in real-time.

We combine capabilities in the fields of strategic planning and consulting, image and brand building, public relations skills, crisis management, Spokesmanship and information, campaign management, and field execution.



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Phone:  +972-54-494-0000


42b Ha'atzmaut St.,

4678954 Herzelia Israel


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