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Memorial Red Rose

Not a day goes by that I don't miss you.

My dear parents, R.I.P.


We bow our heads in memory of my mother, Tova Liberman, 1932-2011 will be her memory blessed.

From the eulogy, at her funeral 

My Mom 
We welcome you to peace

And we are happy for you that the difficult reincarnation has ended for you, to take on very hard work during this period of life and you have stood by it heroically. Few people can successfully cope with such a broken and suffering body and with ongoing traumas. Despite everything you knew how to enjoy life and loved to live it. You knew how to love big and with great intensity flowed heroically with the life that brought you family and children and even a granddaughter, only this year. It was always important for you to express your opinion to  people and to boldly stick to what you thought was right, no matter what they say or what they feel.

Despite everything, you repeated again and again that you want to live and are afraid to die. But this is natural because a man is afraid of uncertainty. But now you already know that the new stage you entered yesterday is much brighter and easier. Many lovers have welcomed you and are now with you to make this transition easier for you, and we too are with you with great love to help you now. And in the lyrics of the song you chose: "A big day is coming, a young and innovative day", "A big day is waiting at the door, it's your day" and "Renewing like the seasons of the year" because [for you] the day shone" we are with you with great love, now and forever.

Please keep in touch with us, as soon as you can.

We love you with great love and thank you for all the good you have given us and for your great heart that has always been all ours. 


Bye Mama – Our Sweetheart


We bow our heads in memory of my father, Nathan Liberman, 1933-2009 will be his memory blessed.

I am proud to be Nathan Liberman's son!!

Nathan, as his name implies, always gave, wholeheartedly, to everyone.
Really looked for where
help was needed and gave and took care of everyone who needed it and came across his way. And it was precisely when he really needed help that he was alone and his heart was bleeding, in solitude.

Dad, you have always been my best and most loyal friend, the solving consultant, the accompanying assistant. I always knew that there was someone to rely on, that you could be reached at any time, and now there would be no more.
At the age of 76, you were but an independent and dynamic activist, a traveler spending time and a healthy living life. Therefore, the most bitter and terrible news of all has unexpectedly fallen upon us and it will take us a long time to digest your passing and give up your embrace.

Hanoch Levin once wrote: At the end, there is an end!
Abba, I know that your place up is guaranteed in heaven together with the supreme angels who will watch over you. 

Dad, I love you and am proud to be your son.


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