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Strategic media consultancy


Crisis management

Administration of politic campaigns

Management of commercial campaigns

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Our significant advantage

Fully understanding the importunity of the media, relevant to the client and providing

the unique solutions in real time


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Boaz Liberman

Owner and General Manager
Experienced Strategic & media consultant, Expert on promoting a global business collaboration in many fields And creating Business opportunities between their Partners.

Our Phylosophy

The organizational philosophy of our company is based on learning, understanding and analyzing of our customer's communicational profile, outlining the methods of action for branding his public image and its implementation throughout the existing Medias.


According to this perception, a correct action and interaction with the media as well as the combining of a well planned strategy and its implementation will result in obtaining the desired public image in the written, electronic and other Medias as well as in the targeted audience awareness.


The day to day activity of our company consists of close consulting on all aspects of public relations, publicity, spokesmanship and development of public relations campaigns to design public opinion.


In addition, our activities include the distribution of press releases to a variety of communication medias and the follow up of their publication. We also initiate interviews with journalist and our clients' representatives to promote their interests. We will suggest ideas to obtain maximum exposure of our client's ideas, products and interests.

Proven Results

The communication program derives from a well planned, custom made strategy for our client. This includes the main message which will position and differentiate our client from others in its field. The program is adaptable to changes throughout the campaign if changes in the public opinion are shown in surveys and studies conducted during the campaign.  


The collaboration between our company and the client include bi-weekly meetings in which new ideas and initiatives for PR activities are presented. The clients receive regularly, by e-mail, a summary of press appearances as well as a complete press album for the clients use.


We make sure we are always in close contact with our clients and at their disposal at any time.